Cheapest Full-HD monitor for gaming

Cheapest Full-HD monitor for gaming
Looking for the cheapest 1080P full-HD monitor for gaming?

Why not a BenQ G2222HDL? (At the time of writing, at least!)

While technically a Samsung S22A100N costs £4 less than the BenQ — which goes for £92 at the time of writing –, it lacks a digital input I believe gives BenQ an unsurmountable benefit.

Why BenQ G2222HDL?

Because it’s cheap. It’s cheaper than virtually everything else in the 22-24″ range. More importantly: it is very inexpensive for a 1080P LED-backlit monitor.

- 1920 x 1080. No down-scaling on high-def movies. No low resolution gaming. Yet it still isn’t uncomfortable to read or browse on. Anything less than 1080p is surely on its way out; you’d be hard pressed to find a 1680×1050 22-Inch display these days. And why would you? Just about any PC that can run a game at 1680×1050 can run it in full-hd.

Although the pixel count difference between the two resolutions barely reaches 15%, 1080p undoubtedly shows a nicer picture.

- Picture quality. As long as your expectations are in the right place, you will be very happy with a G2222HDL. Put otherwise, the picture quality of the monitor does not sway from what you’d see on any unit in its price range.

- LED-backlit. Power consumption down by 35% from the similar but non LED-based BenQ monitor. If you pay the bills, you’ll know how much that matters.

- DVI-D. Still picture quality; DVI gives the benefit of a readily available digital input. The Samsung mentioned above only comes equipped with a D-SUB connector, which shows signs of ageing at the native resolution of Full-HD gaming monitors. If nowhere else, you’ll notice the signal quality difference between DVI and VGA when looking at 12-14 point text and its readability in specific.

- It’s cheap. No really, it should be its own point right here, because it’s the most important selling point it needs.

What next?

More on BenQ G2222HDL on its Amazon listing.

For different price points, take a look at the gaming monitor guide I put together the other day.

Other than that: keep rockin’.